• Feeling alone?
    Feeling alone?
  • Interested in alternative treatments?
    Interested in alternative treatments?
  • Questions about vaccinations?
    Questions about vaccinations?
  • Do you have discomfort?
    Do you have discomfort?
  • Afraid of the birth process?
    Afraid of the birth process?
  • Do you need help?
    Do you need help?
  • Do you know infant/child CPR?
    Do you know infant/child CPR?
  • Is your child sleeping?
    Is your child sleeping?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
    Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Keep moving and feel great!
    Keep moving and feel great!
  • Uncomfortable or in pain?
    Uncomfortable or in pain?
  • Need some parenting tips?
    Need some parenting tips?
  • Having trouble breastfeeding?
    Having trouble breastfeeding?
  • Starting a family?
    Starting a family?
  • Prefer not to use medications?
    Prefer not to use medications?
  • Is a midwife right for you?
    Is a midwife right for you?
  • Prefer a team approach?
    Prefer a team approach?

Getting Pregnant

The decision to start a family can be both very emotional and exciting. The experts at WOW are a unique and invaluable resource.Read More...

Already Pregnant

Already Pregnant

A new life growing inside you is an amazing experience. During these 9 months many women develop issues or have questions.


New Mommy

New Mommy

Having a new baby is an incredible experience. Although exciting, it can be overwhelming. Expert help is right here.


Early Family


As you settle into parenthood, learn valuable techniques and get the care you need for mommy and baby.

Women of Wellness is a network of female practitioners
dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of services to women
at all stages of the reproductive cycle and their families.

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Why WOW?

I have been the Fairfield County Leader of the Holistic Moms Network since our chapter began in September, 2004 and while leading this group of highly educated moms, I have also had the phenomenal ability to meet many other healthcare professionals. Since I had always dreamed of creating an organization of women healthcare professionals who were all passionate about caring for families and children, I decided to start making my dream a reality and founded “WOW™: Women of Wellness”, a network of prenatal and early family care in Fairfield County in 2009. WOW™ has proven to be a phenomenal network of highly educated and compassionate health care providers serving mothers and their families as well as our community with optimal natural health care, education and support.

Dr. Risa Michele Sloves D.C., D.I.C.C.P.

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