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Growing Family

As Your Child Grows

Issues such as ear infections, allergies, scoliosis can develop as your child(ren) grow. Pediatric Chiropractic adjustments are a natural means to treat these and other pediatric conditions. With the guidance of a Naturopathic Physician you can reduce both the frequency and severity of many common childhood issues and treat them naturally when they do occur.

During the first year of life, your child you will have many 'well-visits' to your Pediatrician, where your child’s emotional and physical development will be tracked. Your pediatrician is a vital resource as your child develops and other health issues may become a concern.

As you continue your breastfeeding journey you may have more questions. A Lactation Consultant can answer questions and help guide with returning to work, pumping and storing your breast milk, first foods and any difficulties, issues, or concerns you may have. 



Parents may exhibit patterns and have different views on how to parent, which can be unsettling for the child resulting in behavioral issues. A Psychotherapist is a wonderful resource to help you through these issues.

As your baby starts to move around the house and begins eating solid foods, it is imperative that

every caregiver knows what to do in an emergency. CPR and choking rescue for parents and

caregivers is a must. 


Self Care

Upper back, shoulder or neck strain from holding your baby is very common. Massage Therapy can help to relieve this stress held in the body which can help you achieve better posture. A Physical Therapist can guide you in correcting improper postural habits that often linger after pregnancy and also address problems such as leaky bladder, pain with intercourse and getting your pre-pregnancy belly back.  

Your midwife or OBGYN can help with decisions on contraception or natural family planning, breast health, sexual concerns, and keeping up with annual exams.

Acupuncture treatments can help your body heal, allowing you to feel like yourself again. Treatments are effective at helping to regulate menstrual cycles and balancing your moods. Further, acupuncture can aid in helping you kick bad habits like smoking or overeating and is also an effective method for increase milk supply or helping to stop your milk when you are ready.

You can get 'lost in the shuffle' of your new role. Yoga helps you connect with your body in a way that our day-to-day lives often don't allow. A woman’s mental health needs should continue to be cared for and a Psychotherapist can help with any remaining postpartum adjustment issues and can recommend mom-to-mom support groups for getting the support you need.

Just as you are starting to feel comfortable with your new role and you are settling into parenthood, your baby will start to develop and you will become aware of new issues.

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