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Nurturing Therapeutic Massage LLC
156 East Avenue, 2nd Floor

Norwalk CT 06851
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Making a difference in a woman's life and her ever-changing body as she moves through pregnancy and thereafter by helping enhance the baby-parent bond through infant massage.
Practictioner Story
Practitioner Story

After giving un-medicated, natural birth to both of my daughters and feeling the power it gave me as a woman, I knew I wanted to be involved in the field of working with pregnant women so they, too, are able to experience what I did. Soon after attending the birth of my youngest niece, I became a certified Labor Doula through DONA (Doulas Of North America). As a doula I assisted women in labor by offering them emotional and physical support during the birth of their babies. Along with this support, I also began to provide massage. I found that my patients responded to different areas of touch but I didn’t know why. As a result of this, I felt it was important to learn why certain areas of a laboring body felt better being massaged than others. In 2003 I enrolled at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in the Medical Massage program. Upon graduation and additional courses in pregnancy massage, I am now able to bring more complete assistance to pregnant and laboring women and to help them understand the changes in their body. I love working with expectant mothers; sharing this exciting time keeps me connected with my own birth experiences and that special time in my life. The combination of my professional and personal experiences allows me to provide more wholesome massage sessions for my clients.

About Practice
About Practice

Jan Scaglia formed Nurturing Therapeutic Massage LLC (NTM) in 2005. She brings the bodywork of massage to a variety of clients, however her focus is on prenatal woman. For the prenatal client, what sets NTM apart from other massage therapy experiences is that Jan is a certified labor doula bringing a wealth of knowledge to each session. As a result of Jan’s experience as a labor doula, prenatal clients tend to ask a wide variety of birth-related questions during their massage and find the information Jan provides to be a wonderful addition. They effectively receive two valuable services at once. NTM utilizes a cushion support system during prenatal massage allowing the client to be on their stomach with full support, if they choose. By 2008, Jan felt the need to further expand her services to new parents and became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). Incorporating all of her training she is now able to complete the circle from prenatal, to birth, to assisting with the infant-parent bond providing a rewarding experience for all. With compassion and empathy, Jan works with a variety of clientele, regardless of age or gender. She provides massage therapy for the health conscious as well as those with conditions ranging from pre/post-surgical (including breast augmentations), stress, homebound, cancer, stroke, to end-of-life. The variety of needs is vast and she caters her massage sessions to the clients needs.



Massage Therapy


While trying to get pregnant can be a remarkable time in ones life, it can also induce an enormous amount of stress if a viable pregnancy is not the result. Men and women are over worked, live a hectic life-style, don't eat right, and are generally filled with daily stress, all of which impact on their ability to get pregnant.

  • alleviate STRESS: muscle tension, emotional strain

  • lowering heart rate and blood pressure

  • stimulate the relaxation response within nervous system

  • increase blood circulation

  • increase energy and alertness

  • improve immune system

  • increase lymph flow

  • relaxes muscles and improves range of motion

  • relieve certain repetitive motion injuries

  • increase endorphines, the body's natural painkillers




Prenatal Massage


During pregnancy, your body undergoes dynamic postural and other physical changes, which can cause extra stress both mentally and physically. Prenatal massage can help put you in touch with your body and help you to gain perspective and balance, thereby alleviating untold stress and learn relaxation techniques, which can help to ensure that pregnancy and delivery go smoothly. Benefits include:

  • increase the flow of oxygen and blood to your tissues, accelerating the flow of nutrients to both you and your baby.

  • reduces strain on your lower back, abdomen and shoulders caused by postural changes which occur during each trimester

  • makes side effects of hormonal level changes less severe, such as morning sickness

  • reduces knots, muscle spasms, edema, leg/foot aches

  • prepares you for labor by increasing the flexibility of your ligaments, tendons and joints

  • provides loving encouragement and support during labor, reducing pain and anxieties and reducing labor time

  • assist in the progression of labor or even induce labor with the use of acupressure (with doctor permission)




Postnatal Massage


Postnatal massage can help put you in touch with your body and help you to gain perspective and balance, thereby alleviating untold stress. Benefits include:

  • reduces knots, muscle spasms from labor and holding/feeding infant posture

  • edema, leg/foot aches

  • awareness of postpartum body

  • reduces aches and pains from labor and concentrates on restoring pelvic and abdominal muscles

  • relief for breast tenderness

  • stress relief

  • Infant Massage Instruction (see Early Family)




Infant Massage Instruction:


Early psychological and sensory input is essential in facilitating the development of all infants. Infant Massage is a program that provides loving touch early in life, which can improve the quality of parenting and family life and promote the well-being of the infant.

Infant Massage contains such critical elements for bonding as eye-to-eye contact, smiling, soothing vocal sounds, loving touch, caressing, smell, and mutual interaction. Studies show that bonding increases a parent's feeling of attachment as well as the desire to nurture and care for their infant.

In the situation where both parents are working, daily massage helps compensate for the separation by re-establishing the bond, experiencing a nurturing feeling and providing quality time for both parents and the baby. Their mutual interaction gives both the child and working parent more self-confidence and a special time together.


Benefits of Infant Massage for Baby

  • Emotionally nourishes the baby

  • begins a loving, intimate communication between a parent and the baby

  • helps to strengthen and regulate the baby's primary systems (i.e. respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculature and gastrointestinal)

  • reduces gas and colic

  • allows the baby to sleep better

  • helps the baby relax and release the tensions of daily stimuli


Benefits of Infant Massage for Parents

  • better understanding about their infant's cues of responsiveness

  • enhances emotional ties and communication

  • increases confidence and handling skills

  • greatly improves the physical bond and emotional attachment

  • provides a means to develop quality interaction time

  • helps the parents relax and listen to their baby

  • massage becomes a perfect avenue for conversation as the child gets older



  • Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Medical Massage, 2004

  • Boston University, 1990, MFA

  • Skidmore College, 1986, BS



  • Licensed Massage Therapist for State of Connecticut, 2005: CT License #003977

  • Certified through National Certification of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB)

  • Certified Doula-Doulas of North America, 2000

  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI®), 2006

  • AromaTouch®, 2016

  • Certified ARVIGO® Practitioner, 2019



  • Founding Member-Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc.

  • American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)-CT Chapter

  • Professional Loving Touch Foundation

  • Maya Arvigo® International Association (MAIA)



  • Owner, Nurturing Therapeutic Massage LLC, 2005 to present

  • Norwalk Hospital Integrative Medicine Program, Massage Therapist, 2006 to present

    • Work with pre and post-natal, patients, medical floor, rehabilitation

  • Greenwich Hospital Integrative Medicine, Massage Therapist, 2007-2009

  • Danbury Hospital in-hospital Doula Program, Labor Doula, 2000-2006

  • Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Instructor of Massage Therapy, 2011-2014



  • Founding member of Women of Wellness TM, 2009 to present

  • Massage Therapy for well over 1000 clients, including pro bono

  • Over 125 births attended as a hospital or private labor doula since 2000.

  • Coached many couples about their birth plan.

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