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New Parent

Having a new baby is an amazing experience. At times it may feel overwhelming. You have waited nine months for your beautiful baby and now that he/she is here; it's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, elated and so much more.

Breastfeeding and You

Breastfeeding may be a challenging and is not always as easy as you think. A Lactation Consultant can come to your home and help support you with 

breastfeeding and establishing a good milk supply by evaluating latch and position, milk transfer, baby’s weight, help with under/over supply and any other breastfeeding questions, concerns or issues.


Women’s Health Physical Therapist can use ultrasound technology as well as hands-on care to help you work through these issues. A physical therapist can also teach you techniques for avoiding or treating postpartum incontinence, pelvic floor weakness and helping you get your body back! Acupuncture can help increase or decrease milk flow, depending on your needs.


Your New Bundle

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, everyone needs some help at the beginning. A regular visit to a Pediatrician can help you understand expected milestones of newborn development, which are crucial at this time. Your pediatrician is also someone you should speak to as you explore options for vaccinations.


Learning Infant Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your newborn and also ease some gastric issues that are common to infants. If your baby is struggling with some gastric issues (colic, reflux, constipation) and you would prefer not to medicate, a Pediatric Chiropractor can determine whether there is stress to the baby's spine and nervous system and do gentle adjustments to correct these conditions. Moreover, a Naturopathic Physician can help you identify and address common food sensitivities that may be contributing to your infant's colic symptoms.


Parenthood: Your New Role

Your body has just birthed and is now feeling the effects of either a vaginal or cesarean birth.

A Physical Therapist can help reduce any scar tissue and pain associated with tearing, episiotomy

and C-section. 


Massage Therapy and Acupuncture can help you feel like yourself again. A therapeutic massage eases the general muscle aches felt during postpartum and acupuncture can help boost your postpartum energy, decrease any lingering discomfort while also preventing postpartum depression.


It is not uncommon for postpartum women to feel overwhelmed by their changing body, experience constant fatigue and a demanding baby. Postpartum depression or 'simple baby blues' are very common and a Psychotherapist can help you through this difficult time. You might also consider natural emotional support remedies through Naturopathic Medicine.


Psychotherapist can help you learn about interactions and activities that will help develop whole brain integration in you and your baby. You will learn mindfulness-based skills through movement

that reflect how a newborn learns to function and the kind of environment that is most conducive to learning.

After you are healed from your delivery, Postnatal Yoga with your baby is a wonderful practice. Yoga will calm your baby and keep you focused and clear minded. Studies have shown that postpartum exercise reduces your chance of having postpartum depression or "baby blues".


Every person who cares for your child(ren) should be CPR and choking rescue trained - it could save a life.

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