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A Holistic Approach

The decision to start a family can be a very exciting but can also provoke many emotions. Further, your health before, during and after giving birth is of the utmost importance for your baby's well-being. Taking a holistic approach is therefore very wise.


Planning A Family

Increasing Your Chances

Some people are blessed by an easy conception while others may struggle to conceive a child. Consulting with a Midwife for preconception counseling can be a healthy step as you embark on your journey. Your midwife will help you understand your cycle and guide you in making changes that can increase your fertility while enhancing your health and that of your baby’s during pregnancy.


There are many holistic approaches that can increase the likelihood of conception and also many that can assist with difficulty in conceiving. Acupuncture treatments can assist in increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, balancing the nervous system and reducing stress, all of which have been shown to increase fertility. Acupuncture can also help balance your hormones which can help to regulate your menstrual cycle and in the process allow you to understand your fertility better. If you are using assisted reproductive technologies, studies have shown acupuncture can increase success rate significantly.


Attending to the health of the spine and correcting subluxations with a Chiropractor can remove stress to the nerves that control reproductive function, which studies show can improve your chances of getting pregnant.


Naturopathic Medicine can optimize your health, significantly enhance your fertility and can also diagnose and treat specific underlying causes of infertility. A naturopathic approach may include detoxification to remove obstacles to health, identifying key nutritional deficiencies and improving hormone balance through herbal medicine. 


Balancing Your Body

There are many proven studies which show that stress inhibits the body from properly functioning and therefore may impede your path to conceiving a child. Yoga and Massage Therapy are both excellent ways to reduce the stress in your life and improve your overall well-being. Studies show that women who practice yoga are twice as likely to get pregnant due to decreased stress and increased circulation to the reproductive organs. Massage therapy also improves blood flow to your reproductive organs.


Unfortunately, some women may experience severe pelvic pain, which can also make it difficult to conceive. Specialized Physical Therapy can help alleviate your pain so that you can begin you journey towards conception. 


If you are currently breastfeeding and trying to conceive another child, a Lactation Consultant can discuss options that will work with your situation. 


Caring for Your Emotional Self

Planning a pregnancy and starting a family provide important opportunities for you to assess your needs and improve communication and cooperation with your partner and/or support team. Sometimes, women are hesitant to ask for help. A Psychotherapist can help you to focus and clarity you needs and expectations. Psychological Counseling is beneficial to many people and can help you feel empowered in your new endeavor.

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