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Sara Jamison, MA, LCSW
Sara Jamison, LCSW
129 Fieldstone Road

Stamford CT 06902

203.921.1505 p

Pregnancy, birth and early parenting present unique opportunities for women to grow, heal and thrive.

Learning to pay attention to your own needs and to take care of yourself are vital to your well being as a person and as a mother. 

Practictioner Story

Practitioner Story

My commitment to helping new Moms was fueled by my personal challenges in this area. When my first son was 8 months old, I moved from Manhattan to Stamford CT and left my work and friends behind. I didn't know that feelings of frustration, boredom and loneliness are common among new mothers. The loss of my former identity and support system also put strain on my marriage.

I found few forums where Mothers could connect to openly and honestly support each other in their transition to Motherhood. Moms need an outlet and validation for all of the feelings and challenges that arise with becoming a parent. Many women have unrealistic expectations about parenting and sometimes have unresolved issues from their past that can drain their energy and make it difficult for them to cultivate their own unique style and strengths. A woman needs a "room of (her) own" to honestly explore her desires and her concerns so she can effectively care for herself and more joyfully parent her children.

About Practice
About Practice

Sara offers a compassionate mindful approach to psychotherapy; to help people live fully in the present and to be their best selves. 

Sara is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work. She completed postgraduate training at The Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy and completed a 3 year training program at The Women’s Therapy Center Institute in Manhattan, where she received specialized training in treating women with eating disorders, histories of abuse and sexual issues.  

Sara is certified in EMDR, and has trained In Internal Family Systems and Somatic Experiencing, treatments that help clients rapidly process trauma and release negative thoughts patterns and behaviors.

Sara is a student of many spiritual traditions and practices meditation, mindfulness and yoga. She teaches her clients practical skills and offers resources to relieve fear, anxiety, depression and trauma. She helps her clients learn from their past so they can live in the present with greater calm, clarity and joy.

 Sara offers:

  • Individual counseling

  • Couple counseling

  • Parent guidance

  • EMDR treatment to resolve trauma

  • Instruction in meditation and mindfulness

  • A compassionate, mindful approach to psychotherapy

  • Cognitive- behavioral, Psychoanalytic and Systems Approach



  • Learn to take better care of yourself. Evaluate and strengthen your relationship with your partner and/or other supportive people in your life.



  • Choose the birth and health care providers to support you. Choosing what is best for you now is an antidote to past experiences when you may have lacked clarity and control.



  • The intensity of the baby’s needs may bring up unmet needs from your childhood. Identify and work on unresolved issues from your past.



  • Strengthen your support system and establish your values and vision for your family.



  • MS, Columbia University School of Social Work, 1989

  • MA, The Jewish Theological Seminary, 1989

  • BA, Wesleyan University, 1984


  • Private practice in Manhattan, NY and Stamford, CT since 1992.

  • Family Life Educator, Jewish family Service of Stamford, 2001-2005.

    • Created and Led a support group for Mothers “Shema for Moms: Listening to ourselves so we can better hear our children”

  • Psychotherapist and Supervisor, The Parkside School, 1994-1998.

    • Led groups for parents and provided psychotherapy to children with special needs, ages 3-11.

  • Psychotherapist and Supervisor, The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, Brooklyn, NY, 1990-1994.

    • Provided psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families.

  • Teacher, 2nd Grade, The Heschel School, Manhattan, 1989-1990


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NYS and CT 1990-present

  • Certified in EMDR, 2006

  • Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, The Women's Therapy Centre Institute, 1995

  • Certificate in Family Therapy, The Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, 1990


  • Founding member of Women of Wellness, 2009-present

  • Member of La Leche League International,1997-present

  • Member of The Women's Therapy Centre Institute, New York, 1995-present 

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