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Doula Services | Childbirth Education 

Silvie Falschlunger, PhD, CD, CCE, CLC
Westchester, Southern CT, Manhattan, Bronx
914.522.6980 p

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enter parenthood with grace

All services in English and German
Practictioner Story
Practitioner Story

I am a passionate birth-worker.

After hoping for a child for a long time I had a surprise baby way into my forties. Ever since, I have been fascinated about the life changing impact of pregnancy, birth, raising a child and growing from a couple to a nourishing family.

I feel honored to support the journey of growing mothers, babies and families, and to be part of an intricate team of doctors, midwives, bodyworkers and lactation specialists supporting the next generation one birth at a time.

About Practice
About Practice

Silvie Falschlunger is the founder of Birth-In-Motion. Her focus is individualized, hands-on and practical support for YOUR birth however it might unfold. She works in all settings be it in a hospital, birthing center or at home.

As your Childbirth Educator, Silvie will provide evidence based information, lively discussions and exercises, which help you to go inward, giving you the ability to attune to yourself and your baby and to find a voice so you can find your way in the unfolding of your birth.

As your doula Silvie will not only bring experience, but also a wide array of tools to the process. She will explore with you and your birth-partner how to:

  • find deep relaxation

  • heighten your intuition

  • connect with your baby     

  • find your rhythm and ritual

  • come to a place of flexibility when things don’t unfold as anticipated                                              


In two prenatal home visits she will discuss birth scenarios and hands-on tools. Once you go into labor she will join you as soon as needed and stay until your baby is born and first breastfeeding is established.

The two postnatal visits are dedicated to processing your birth, supporting your recovery and to teach you baby massage.

Silvie Falschlunger is certified as a doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, placenta encapsulation specialist and health coach. She trained with Childbirth International, Healthy Children’s Project, Hudson Valley Placenta Services and at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition all emphasizing evidence based information and individualized support.




Pregnancy in itself is a time of growing and transition.

Silvie encourages conscious preparing and being proactive incorporating nutrition and bodywork, being well informed about options and finding your best birthing team.


Prenatal home visits


  • to provide tools to build a strong connection with your baby, support optimal fetal positioning   and optimize nutrition

  • to discuss labor scenarios and to prepare for the postpartum period


Childbirth classes (in small group setting or private)


Classes have an experiential focus with the goal that parents are:

  • familiar how body and mind work together in the birth process

  • understand the importance of deep relaxation

  • increase awareness and tools to support labor

  • can access easily evidence based information

  • gain insights about pros and cons of medical interventions and possible alternatives

  • can nourish the connection to their baby and each other

  • find a voice so they can have an integrated, satisfying birth experience




At the center are the interests and needs of the birthing mother, her baby and her partner.

For years Silvie has been exploring different modalities, time tested tools and research backed approaches to be able to offer the right fit for mothers who are committed to birthing their baby in an aware, calm and peaceful way.

Silvie works hands-on, has a practical orientation using holistic principles and looks for a collaborative spirit in the birthing room.

She advocates for clear communication and makes sure parents are integrated in the decision making process.

Silvie considers birth as a unique Rite of Passage with a powerful life-long impact on the mother, the baby and everybody involved.



The postpartum period is an important time for recovery, bonding, and relationship building as a family. Often it is a time of new orientation looking for balance between career and family life.

To build a support team and to network is crucial. Often breastfeeding issues have to be juggled, baby soothing options learned while dealing with interrupted sleep and finding ways to ease the post-pregnancy, post-birth recovery.

Package includes first breastfeeding support, nutrition as a medicine for the postpartum period and baby massage instructions.

Placenta encapsulation is an additional ‘tool’, a remedy to ease the transition by restoring strength.



  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coaching specializing in fertility & pregnancy, 2017

  • Evidence Based Birth Instructor, 2015 till current

  • Healthy Children’s Project – Center for Breastfeeding, 2011, CLC

  • Hudson Valley Placenta Services, 2010

  • Childbirth International, 2008, CD, CCE

  • Center for Somatic Studies, 2006, 2008

  • Tarab Institute, 2000, Diploma Tibetan Philosophy & Psychology

  • University of Innsbruck, 1988, Ph.D. (Art History)


  • Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2017   

  • Evidence Based® Birth Instructor Training, 2015

  • Certified Lactation Counselor, Healthy Children’s Project, 2011

  • Amazing Babies Moving, Natural Movement Development in the Baby’s First Year, 2011

  • Hypnobirthing Labor & Birth Support Doula, 2010

  • Hudson Valley Placenta Services, 2010 including Bloodborn Pathogens & Infection Control for Doulas, Midwifes & Placenta Encapsulators

  • Certified Childbirth Educator, Childbirth International. 2009

  • Certified Doula, (Birth & Postpartum) Childbirth International, 2008

  • Center for Somatic Studies, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, 2006, 2008



  • Hudson Valley Birth Network, 2009

  • Metropolitan Doula Group, 2009

  • Childbirth International, 2008

  • Evidence Based Birth® Academy, 2015 till current

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition



  • Over 300 births attended as an independent doula in hospitals, birthing centers and at home

  • Continuous teaching of independent, evidence based childbirth classes with an experiential emphasis

  • Experienced placenta encapsulation specialist

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