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Lactation Consults in Norwalk Office

Beth Brownstein IBCLC, Lactation Support Services

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Need Help or Support With:

  • Establishing a good milk supply

  • Pre-feed and post-feed weights for assessment of breast milk intake; weight gain issues

  • Milk supply issues ~ under supply / oversupply

  • Assistance with latch and breastfeeding positions

  • Latch or feeding issues ~ baby sleepy or upset at the breast, rarely latches or not at all

  • Nipple Pain: Sore nipples before during or after breastfeeding, cracked, bruised or bleeding

  • Breast Pain: engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis (breast infection)

  • Education and assistance with breastfeeding tools including pumps, nipple shields, SNS, etc.

  • Questions about returning to work while breastfeeding

  • Maintaining your milk production while separated from your baby

Office consult includes a thorough assessment of both mother and baby

  • Manual assessment of baby’s oral structure and function

  • Assessment of mother’s anatomy, birth, and heath history

  • Will develop care and treatment plans for infant feeding, pumping and returning to work

  • Refer to appropriate care providers when needed

To schedule an appointment, call 203.530.9053

or email:

156 East Avenue, second floor Norwalk, CT 06851


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