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The Wellness of Women network is my ‘go to’ resource for all my health needs.


I was introduced to the network for lactation consulting after my first child, and I now use the website as my first resource when investigating any issue. The network has deep experience in women’s issues and was critical in helping with my rehabilitation following my first child and during my second pregnancy.


Lorna Aliperti, Lactation Consultant, was instrumental in providing crucial breastfeeding guidance. She advised me many ways: from different feeding techniques to ways I could increase my milk. She was compassionate and flexible. She heard the desperation in my voice when I called her for help and worked me into her schedule within a day.


She recognized I had a clogged breast duct and referred me to Heather Stauch, who has literally been a lifesaver to me over the past 2 years.


Heather not only cleared my clogged duct and helped me produce more milk, she also specializes in perineum strengthening and physical therapy which was necessary after I had an episiotomy following my first child. No doctor recommended this type of therapy for me and I would not have known such a specialty existed without talking to Heather. Her therapy helped my bladder control and the painful aftermath of the surgery during childbirth. The work Heather has done on my body has been life changing. 


Massage therapist, Jan Scaglia, provided massage throughout my pregnancy when I could barely move. Her massage was what I most looked forward to each week. She was kind and compassionate during a very difficult time. After the birth she came to my house for a massage as well as provided an excellent class on infant massage to my mother. We have used the techniques to help alleviate the gas pain in my newborn son.


I also worked with acupuncturist, Elaine Malin, which was a lifesaver. At the end of my second pregnancy she worked with me on relaxation points as well as on natural induction methods as my doctor was recommending a C-Section. She moved around her schedule to accommodate me and I attribute her work and care in allowing me to have a natural childbirth.


My words cannot express how appreciative I am of the women in this network. They truly care about women and women’s issues and I don’t know what I would have done without them!

- Heather Bulk


I moved to Connecticut 5 months pregnant with my second child. I left new york city and all my amazing pre and post natal help. I was on a mission to find all the best people to help me through the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond. I found a prenatal and child chiropractor (Risa Sloves), I found a midwife (midwifery services at Norwalk), a massage therapist (Jan Scaglia), a PT when I had sudden pelvic pain (Heather Strauch)..all these women I found through word of mouth and research in the area...and come to find out..they all belong to a group called "WOW" Women of Wellness..I was shocked when I saw the website and saw all the women I work with...I was glad to see they all knew each other and I felt confident I had the best team for wellness...after my baby was born..I turned to this group to find a acupuncturist to help with hormone balance and I was referred to Elaine Malin and I must say I couldn't be more pleased. These woman are true healers.  I would recommend this group to all women.  

- Carie C. 

I wanted to let you ladies know how GREAT I am doing!!! I have taken the supplements that both of you (Heather Strauch and Dr. Deb Bossio) have given me and have not missed a beat. I returned to regular exercise and eating the gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, salt free, dairy free, egg free diets that you had endorsed for me to tackle. A couple of times, I would have something that had gluten in it that I was not aware and I would have a flare up right away. Process of elimination I guess. Lots of water, plenty of sleep and the results are me fitting back into my size 6 jeans again!! I feel like a completely different woman. I had to go to Long Island this weekend for a Christening in my family and everyone, I mean EVERYONE told me how different I looked and how GREAT I looked! It really made my heart sing. When I went to the Lupus Rheumatology Doctor, Jessica Stein, she took 12 vials of blood and searched for everything. The great news is that my LUPUS numbers are almost NON existent anymore and she has down graded (my term) to Fibro Myalgia! She gave me something for the pain in my joints that I can take if I feel it necessary and an RX for Cymbolta, the anti depressant. She said it helps alot with Lupus and Fibromyalgia and it does. The combo of everything is just a perfect fit for me. I turn 55 on Monday and I feel 40!

- ​Dottie F.

Here is a list of the many women from WOW that I have been privileged to encounter and who have touched my life in so many positive ways:  Jodi Green, our amazing doula, who was there for us every minute of every day leading up to our baby's birth; Dr. Risa Sloves, who for about 4 months during my pregnancy and then after my child's birth, gave me (and, later, my baby) great chiropractic adjustments, as well as guidance, advice, referrals and overall emotional support; Elaine Marin, who helped me relax and get ready for labor with several acupuncture sessions the week before my baby was born; Eliza Holland, who, along with the other Midwives at Norwalk Hospital, stood for my family and our vision for our baby's birth and supported us before, during, and after, both medically and emotionally; Jan Scaglia, whose relaxing touch I will never forget; Lorna Alliperti, who gave us breast-feeding guidance based on many years of experience and assured us that everything would be "ok"; Heather Strauch, who helped bring me back to health and comfort after battling mastitis and breast pain on more than one occasion; and Sara Jamison, who helped me work through some emotional challenges after my baby's birth.  When you see someone in WOW, you know you are in the best hands.

- ​Angelika S

I like to tell people that WOW is one of CT's best-kept secrets. Whenever I go into a WOW member's office, I always take a couple of brochures home with me to hand off to friends and neighbors. I like to brag about all the women from WOW who have served and supported me, my husband, and baby girl through my pregnancy, labor, and beyond. Whenever I need a service related to my family's health and well-being, I go straight to the brochure of WOW practitioners and call the relevant person on the list. Rather than searching in the dark for the right doula, or acupuncturist, lactation consultant, and so on, I know without a doubt that all the members of WOW will take wonderful care of me and my family. Further, because they all know each other, they are able to consult each other regarding my treatment (with my permission, of course) and they understand each other's perspectives, so I get a truly holistic experience when I am being cared for by any one of the WOW members.

​- Unknown

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